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Residencias y proyectos de intercambio

La Cúpula art gallery / medialab cooperates widely with universities, art institutions, various associations and festivals and municipalities throughout the central region of Córdoba. They can also provide a workspace for work in traditional arts such as Painting, Printmaking and Sculpture in connection with the Provincial University of Córdoba UPC, as well as a particularly interesting collaboration for a musician or world heritage researchers.

La Cúpula art gallery / medialab is a member of FARO, association of art galleries of Córdoba, part of Meridiano Asoc Argentina.

The Centro Cultural Córdoba CCC supports the activities of the association with the help and expert input of its staff and programming of gallery artists.

La Cúpula gallery cooperates with local schools, museums, artistic institutions, art schools, music schools, dance schools and associations, such as the Santo Noise Festival, the Chateau Carreras Contemporary Arts Center and with different festivals in the region. The area of operation is the entire Province of Córdoba. Thus collaborating with its programming with La Brújula Invisible art gallery of La Falda, and other associated galleries in Latin America.

La Cúpula art gallery / medialab is part of the net label Sudamérica Electrónica y Pueblo Nuevo Label.

Artistic projects have previously been carried out with, for example, the Consulate of Spain, the Consulate of Canada, the Embassy of Austria, Pro Helvetia, the Consulate of Switzerland, the Embassy of Finland, the French Alliance, Córdoba Culture Province. Municipality of Córdoba, Bancor, Ceneart Chile, Conaculta México, Fundación Gilberto Alzate Colombia, Festival Fuga Buenos Aires, Festival Pleamar Mar del Plata Argentina.

We have a residence for 1 person, with monthly costs (ask by email for the conditions, dates and costs of the program to work) located in the Cordoba supply area, 6 blocks from the central square and with facilities / kitchen / bathroom / workshops / living room screening / rehearsal / media library ect.

If you are a technological artist and are interested, you can apply for the art residency here.

All programs are personalized and are dealt with specifically one by one by email... it depends on your profile and it depends on our needs.

--La Cúpula - Art Gallery/ Media Lab

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